Who we are and what we do?
noseQuefer.com is an activity guide of Catalonia's Tourism Assets. 
We are a search channel where users can find sport activities, adventure and / or entertainment throughout Catalonia. In addition, we are an information portal of cultural and heritage activities that take place all year long in each and every municipality in Catalonia. 
noseQuefer.com users can view, book or request information from any activity that is posted on the web. 
How does it work?
Users search for the activity that suits their needs and preferences, and make a provisional booking.
Within 48 hours, the company where the reservation was made from will send a confirmation email. There is the possibility of the company canceling the reservation due to national/regional holidays or pre-booked unavailable dates. 
The same company will direct the user on how to complete the payment. 
For those users who do not have the time to look for what they want to do in their free time, noseQuefer.com helps! Just fill out a form and send it. In short time, you will receive an email with up to 5 suggestions with different activities that meet your needs. 
Buy an activity: 
The client has to pre-book the desired activity. Automatically, he/she will receive a confirmation email. This first email will not be a valid document but just an informative one. 
Once the company you booked with confirms the reservation, (48 hrs max) the client will receive a second email with all the reservation details. 
Please take this document with you for it will be necessary to present it at the time the activity takes place. 
All the information of the purchased activity should be displayed in this document. Time and date of the reservation, number of people, total price, form of payment and cancellation polices. 
What is the cost? 
Browsing and consulting is a free service. 
If you buy one of the activities published on the web, you will pay directly to the company you booked the activity with as directed in the booking confirmation. 
The section "We give ideas" website, no cost to the user. 
The user only requests this service filling out a form that assesses the alternative noseQuefer.com activities that meet the customer criteria. 
Have not received confirmation of the reservation: 
In the event that the customer has not received thepre-booking confirmation email from the activity company, please contact us at: 
Customer Service: 
Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 16:30h. 
Phone: + 34.977.08.08.62 
Email: info@nosequefer.com